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No ingredient is too wild or adventurous.

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The world’s first


Introducing the BEARFACE

Wilderness Series Matsutake Release.

Bearface Canadian Whisky Bottle
Matsutake Edition.
Born of the Canadian wilderness.
Elementally Aged for a bolder, smoother flavour and infused with wild Matsutake, for a unique umami finish. This BEARFACE Wilderness Series edition is a one-of-a-kind whisky blend.
The Matsutake (or pine mushroom) is a unique wild ingredient.
Rare around the world, but abundant here in Bear Country.
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Our first limited edition batch uses foraged Matsutake mushrooms, that are cask-infused with selected BEARFACE whisky to release the subtle tastes and aromas.

To create this expression, we mature our whisky in hand-selected ex-wine casks and sherry pipes inside repurposed shipping containers in the Canadian wilderness. We call this ‘Elemental Ageing’, and it gives our whisky a bolder, smoother flavour.


Whisky the world wishes it could make,
but only Canada can.

Every whisky tells
a different story.

This is ours.

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Inspired by the elements, nature,
and seasonal flavours of Bear Country.

We take our inspiration from the ever-changing seasons and the flavours that can be found around our wilderness home.

Our NEW collection of


limited-release whiskies

It’s the unspoilt Canadian wilderness and the freedoms that Canada offers us as whisky-makers that has inspired us to create The Wilderness Series.

At BEARFACE, we believe no idea is too wild
and no ingredient is too adventurous.
If you want to discover the unique taste
of our MATSUTAKE 01 limited-release
for yourself you can buy it here.

Crafted BY OUR


The unique liquid from the wine, sherry and Matsutake casks is then blended by Andres Faustinelli, our Master Blender. The Matsutake adds a unique accent of wilderness flavour in the ‘assemblage’. The final result is a complex, layered whisky, with nutmeg, cinnamon and rounded nuttiness, followed by a leafy earthiness and an umami finish.



  • Sweet nuttiness
  • Nutmeg
  • Leafy earthiness


  • Saffron
  • Balsamic
  • Cranberry & apricot


  • Sherry sweetness
  • Cinnamon
  • Umami

“Here in Bear Country, we have the inspiration and we have the freedom to make wild ideas happen. This is whisky the world wishes it could make, but only Canada can.”

Andres Faustinelli, Master Blender

What is a wild

Matsutake mushroom?

Matsutake is a unique wild ingredient that makes for a one-of-a-kind whisky blend. They can fetch thousands of dollars per kilogram at market during the short picking season.

You might know them as White Matsutake, Pine mushrooms (Matsu = Pine tree. Take = mushroom) or Tricholoma Murrillianum. Rare around the world and highly prized, but abundant here in Bear Country.

Matsutake Mushroom
Matsutake Mushroom
Matsutake Mushroom
Matsutake Mushroom

Where and when we forage.

The Matsutake season normally starts in October and only lasts for a few short months, so as soon as the season starts we are roaming the forests, harvesting just enough to make our next batch.

To protect the habitat and to ensure our supply is managed responsibly, we can’t say exactly where we go foraging. However, we can tell you it’s deep into the forest, in a wild part of British Columbia, about a 3-hour hike from our Bear Country home.

The forager’s code.

Be respectful of the wilderness. Take only what you need. And make sure you can identify any foraged plant or mushroom before you pick and eat it. If in doubt, leave it well alone.

Matsutake Mushroom
Matsutake Mushroom