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Mitlenatch Island Release 02

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NEW, from the BEARFACE Wilderness Series.
Mitlenatch Island Release 02.
Bearface Canadian Whisky Bottle
Mitlenatch Island Release.

For our new release, BEARFACE has gone to the edge of the Canadian wilderness, beyond the forests of our Bear Country home, to Mitlenatch Island, off the rugged coast of the Pacific Northwest.

Island View
Ice Water

Elementally aged in

WINE casks

We Elementally Age the finest BEARFACE single-grain whisky in selected wine casks.

Then we proof with distilled water, collected from artisan salt makers on Canada’s wild Pacific coast.

A world first in whisky making

“No one has made a whisky like this before – the taste is different to anything else out there.”

Andres Faustinelli, Master Blender
Glass of Whisky
Whisky Bottle

A taste of the wild

Canadian Pacific

The result is a bold, smooth whisky with deep minerality, elemental smokiness and a salty-sweet finish, that captures the essence of the Canadian Pacific.

Crafted by our

master blender

Tasting Note Image
French oak ex-Chardonnay
wine casks

Gives the whisky bold richness.
Tasting Note Image
ex-burgundy casks

Adds a deep, honey spice.
Tasting Note Image
Proofed with distilled water
from maple-smoked salt

For a sweet but savoury finish.

Inspired by our

wilderness home

It’s the unspoilt Canadian wilderness and the freedoms that Canada offers us as whisky-makers that has inspired us to create The Wilderness Series.

At BEARFACE, we believe no idea is too wild and no ingredient is too adventurous. If you want to discover the unique taste of our MITLENATCH ISLAND RELEASE for yourself you can buy it here.

Whisky Bottle