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Our One Eleven Series

Experience like no other


A first of its kind and first in the world a collaboration that sees Canadian Whisky meet Agave Espadin Spirit.

Our One Eleven Oaxaca Edition is a ground breaking innovation that can be enjoyed the world over.

The One Eleven

The ‘One Eleven Rule’ is unique to Canadian whisky, allowing the blending of ten parts whisky with one part of another spirit, wine or sherry, which is specifically prohibited in Scotch, Irish whiskey and Bourbon.

BEARFACE whisky - 10 parts

Single grain mellow Canadian whisky, aged in American oak ex-bourbon barrels in Bear Country

Mexican mezcal - 1 part

Mezcal distilled from foraged agave espadín from the village of Baltazar Guelavila by Maestro Mescalero Pedro Hernández

200 years of tradition

The mezcal is produced by Master Mezcalero Pedro Hernandez, whose family has been making the agave-based spirit in Oaxaca for more than 200 years. Because they take eight to 12 years to mature, agaves “are like sponges,” absorbing the myriad aromas and flavours in their environment.

They are then pit-roasted, additional layers of smoky flavour, before being fermented and distilled into mezcal.

"It is by far the most terroir-driven spirit in the world."


Mexican Mezcal

Finally we blend it with one part authentic, pit-roasted agave espadín mezcal, finished in ex-bourbon barrels in the heat of the sierras of Oaxaca, Mexico, to deliver an earthy, smoky finish.

THE Oaxacan Whisky

Capture the Mexican summer in every glass with this refreshingly light cocktail that is easy to build, and even easier to impress with.