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Bear Country

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The Wild Manhattan

The love child of the Toronto Cocktail and the Manhattan.


1.5oz BEARFACE Whisky
0.75oz sweet vermouth
0.25oz Fernet Branca
0.25oz sugar syrup
Orange peel for the twist
Cherry for garnish

To Craft

Add all ingredients to a mixing glass, fill the glass with ice and stir. Strain into a chilled coupe or martini glass, add a twist of orange and garnish with a cherry.

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The BEARFACE Highball

Our BEARFACE take on the classic refreshing highball.

Bear Country Sour

Our twist on a New York Sour, using whisky and ice wine from Bear Country, Canada.


Our signature serve – simple, bold and delicious.

The Old Fearless

Inspired by the bear, this is our Canadian twist on a classic.

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